Viewing live camera from app I have to go in and out of app for every camera, is there a way to see

Is there a way to toggle between camera views when using the app to view? For every camera I have to g in and out of app repeatedly to see 1 camera at a time. Is there another way?very user unfriendly.

Good question @SalB! When viewing a video, whether recorded or live, there should be an option in the top left hand corner to close the video. Additionally, during a live view you will have a toggles for two-way talk (red/green) in which the red button will end the video and return to the Ring app. Once performing these actions you should return back to the Ring app page you were on or the dashboard.

If viewing in landscape view on your mobile device, and you do not see these toggles, please rotate back to portrait view. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: