Viewing Any Feed In Car Calls My Phone

I did a couple searches and didn’t see this, so here goes:

I got a notification today while we were picking up groceries that there was motion in the backyard. I clicked to view Live and my Note 9 calls my Note 9! The video eventually connects, but why is my phone calling my phone? Yes, I am the passenger and this is not the first time this has happened. This happens every single time! My phone doesn’t call my phone when I’m at home so why does it do that in the car? If I hang up the call while watching the video, the video disconnects. This shouldn’t be happening.

2019 GMC Terrain

Note 9

Sprint Carrier

What the heck is going on?

Hi @nightsmusic. This is very odd and I definitely have never heard of this before! If possible, could you grab a screen recording of you answering your Live View and getting that call at the same time? In addition, do you have your phone connected to any bluetooth in the car that may be resulting in this call? Hope to hear back soon so we can dissect this further. :slight_smile:

Yes, my phone is connected to the bluetooth in the car. It’s a 2019 GMC Terrain with the base model (new and improved piece of cr*p radio) that has no satellite at all. If I want anything other than AM/FM, I have to use Android Car. Whether I’m plugged in via USB or connected solely through the bluetooth, every single time I try to look at motion in the backyard, my phone calls itself. Since we’re not really going anywhere now (I brought this up because we picked up a grocery order the day I posted this) I’ll try to go out in the driveway tomorrow and see if I can get a video of it. It’s so odd because it mutes the radio and brings up the phone screen but you don’t hear anything at all. No ringing, no connecting, nothing from the camera video even if I turn the sound on for that. And once I shut the ring video off, I have to manually hang up the phone.

I use a Galaxy Note 9 with the latest OS so it’s not like it’s an old phone either. It’s just weird.

@nightsmusic Awesome, thank you for detailing that experience. I have to admit, that is a new one for me! :joy_cat: I’m happy to take a deeper look into it though, not a problem. I know something like that, from the sounds of it, would drive me crazy too! Once you have that screen recording, get that over to me in here, and I’ll get it looked over by my team that helps work on the Ring app to see if they know why that could happening. Thanks again! :slight_smile: