View Zones on Shared User revisited

I want to re-visit the problem of shared users getting motion detection warnings and not being able to control zones. I know that shared users cannot control zones and can only shut off the warnings . The problem is that the primary users zones are not transferring to the shared user consequentially everything is detected on their device. If the zones were the same there would not be a problem. My neighbor is now cutting his lawn, my doorbell is not noticing it but my wife’s is ringing constantly. This has not been a problem until recently.

Replying to my own post. I don’t care anymore, it drove my wife so crazy today she took the app off her phone. I will probably need to try to find a new supplier because she did like it when it worked. She was so disturbed by it today that she was going to rip it off the wall.

Hi @user65164. Shared Users should not have different Motion Zones from the owner of the device. Did you turn on Motion Snooze or Global Snooze during this time? Motion or Global Snooze would silence alerts on your phone but not the Shared User’s phone. If that’s not the case, i’d suggest removing your wife as a Shared User and re-adding her. That should fix any error that might be causing this, but if it doesn’t, you can get in touch with our support team at one of the numbers here to look into this further.