View two account on on iphone

If I have a ring account at work that I am monitoring but also have ring products at home that I wish to monitory. They are on separate accounts. Is there a way to view both on one iphone?

Hey @Jasley. When you set up Ring devices, you will be putting them under a location. Every time you set up a device at a new location, it creates this location in your app. If you go into the Ring app > Dashboard and above Dashboard you will see a location in the Main Menu at the top left. If you tap this, you can toggle in between any location you have. This will allow you to easily monitor multiple locations. :slight_smile:

Do locations need to be on the same Ring account or can they be on different accounts. My work has their own account and pay for it and my personal one is on my own account and I pay for it.

@Jasley It will all have to be under one login/email address to be edited and easily accesible for any changes that need to be (one owner). Your work’s account can add you a shared user though, and then you will see a new location show up that is their location (Shared). :slight_smile: