View snapshots on Windows 10 laptop

Is there a way to view captured snapshots on a Windows 10 laptop using either the web browser or the ring app from the Microsoft store?

Good question, @Mikeedye! The Snapshot Capture feature takes still images at certain time intervals and stores them on your Timeline for viewing. You can certainly access these Snapshots on any device which allows the Ring app and/ or access to your Ring app timeline. Snapshots are only saved for seven days before being automatically deleted, however, you are able to download your Snapshot images from your Ring app to save externally. Feel free to check out our help center article about this Snapshot feature for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley. @Mikeedye 's question was; “Is there a way to view captured snapshots on a Windows 10 laptop…” The help center article you referenced has zero content about Windows 10. The only references to “viewing” mention the device’s “event timeline”.

Perhaps another way to ask the same question is; Can a Ring device’s “event timeline” be viewed using the Windows 10 Ring app? Based on my experience with the W10 desktop app I don’t think it’s possible, I can only view motion detected history and live view. Can you confirm? Are there plans to add this feature to the W10 app? Thanks.

Apparently RING does not consider a Windows computer a device. Why is the Windows App so featureless?
The History does not allow us to see the timeline as I can on my DEVICE know as an iPhone.
We cannot setup a Ring Camera from a Windows computer.
We cannot even get a proper status of the camera which is consistent. Looking at the Device and select the camera. The Live View button is disabled because my Wi-Fi disconnected the device, but if I click on the Settings the Status is Online.

Can we put some more effect into the Windows App please and at least get some of the features available to ‘ANY DEVICE’ on our COMPUTER?