View live feed from my desktop computer?

Is it possible to view the live feed of my security cameras from my desktop computer?

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I have the same question

Hey neighbors! If you’re able to download the Ring app for your computer (compatible for Windows and Mac on desktops), you should be able to view the Live View from your desktop. Once you have the app downloaded and you’re logged in, go into one of your devices and then select the Live View. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

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I tried this and it seems to be only past motion, not live with a delay!


Ring camera is turning out to be a lousy company. Their tech support is useless. Still waiting on them to answer questions. Useless, Useless, Useless. They really do not know what they are doing.

Hey neighbors. Please make sure you are downloading the Ring app for the Windows 10 PC or the iOS Ring app for the Mac. There is not a Live View capability on, and you will only be able to see past events on As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board where you can feel free to add in any suggestions or features you would like to see on either of these platforms! :slight_smile:

I dont think it happen

I realize this is an old thread, but if you do a search for “Live View on computer” this is what you find. So, a current update as of 4/27/21: Per my research and then confirmation via chat with Ring support, there is NO WAY to see Live View on a PC unless you had it all set up before they quit updating the Windows 10 app. (And I think it’s the same for Macs.) Even if you had it all set up and it works, you cannot add a new device (camera or doorbell). In my opinion, this is REALLY BAD. There are a lot of us who spend a lot of time on computers and would like to have this functionality!


WHAT??? If this is true, this makes my 7 Ring cameras absolutely WORTHLESS. I am not going to keep my yearly “Protection Plan” if this is true and won’t be ordering anymore Ring cameras.

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Live view on Desktop needs to be added!!! Please!

IMO this is done on purpose to force us using Ring software and pay for subscription. Also, it seems that Ring cameras work differently than a regular standalone security camera, that they do not constantly stream video feed that you can view on a desktop PC. The camera initiates a connection to the server on motion or other internal event and then sends the clip to the server, which is then recorded on the server side. Then when you connect to the server with your app you can view the recording from the server. The live connection is probably established upon request but those are meant to be short and not continuous. So for the continuous live feed it would have to be a different product. BTW, the Windows 10 Ring app works pretty well and latency is OK, better that I get on my iPhone.

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Thought I would let everyone know. I have a MAC and I downloaded the ring app for my computer and am able to stream live. I’ve had the devices for less than a year so I don’t know when they stopped everything but thought I might help some people!

I originally thought I had the live view on my PC and now assume Ring stopped subscribers because I only can view history which is not that helpful for my current needs. Curious, when I searched for the Ring PC App for Windows 10 several companies that appear not to be associated with Ring claim they have FixIt Apps to download. Are these scams or has Ring linked up with a third party to provide PC Live View. I did not download any of those Apps and hope Ring provides PC live view in the future real soon.

Having once worked as a system admin and currently being employed as an electrical engineer. I know there is no technical reason other than their worry about having the bandwidth to support people who want to view their video real time on their pc. The reason I say this is because they allow you to do this with the phone app but not pc… Why?? They know you won’t be using the live view as much as you would if you used a PC and also the bandwidth the average pc has will put a higher demand on their servers. They are also worried that you might decide to figure out how to port the video to eye spy or something like that without paying for their subscription service. You see, they make you pay the same amount you would pay for an axis door cam which provides you the versatility to do what you want and how with the camera but they want to lock you down to using their service. My suggestion to all of you who don’t like this… buy an AXIS door bell cam and google eye spy. The program eye spy is free and enables you do to everything that the ring service can do and more.

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Well, I had just purchased the RING and now after reading all this and finding this:
On October 15, 2021, the Ring desktop app for Windows and Mac will be discontinued. All users will be permanently logged out of the Ring - Always Home desktop app

Seems I may be forced to return it. I have a co-worker whom does not pay for online subscriptions and can view which is a benefit and apparently does not like it. I guess that’s business, but again that puts them in the same realm as any other security system. Fact is, other security systems show live feed w/o issue. This system is extreme jittery, times out, not exactly the best in low light, and does not cover a lot of area like more pronounced systems. At $200 a device, it also quickly adds up when you start talking coverage. My time with RING may be very short lived.

I wonder if RING people read posts from their customers and actually react to them?


I’ve been using the Ring App on my Windows 10 PC for some time and got the notice it was being discontinued. Thought that was OK and it’s fine to just bookmark a browser window so I can pull up a live feed occasionally as needed to see what motion was going on.

So I log into the ring dashboard on a Chrome browser window and click on a camera to activate. It pulls up but just sits and spins. All of my cameras do this. I pull up the Ring App on my PC and live view comes right up.

After a 45 minute wait on the support line I find out from the rep what some here already knew… the browser version does not support Live view??? Wait what?

RING - you are discontinuing the app and not replacing the Live view feature your PC APP users find very useful? In addition, the browser version still activates the Live view but never completes the connection to the camera. That’s shoddy programming to enable a feature to initiate that doesn’t work.

Ring team, PLEASE enable this feature on browsers. You obviously are able to do it on the PC, it works on the app today. You have taken away an important feature I counted on when I signed onto your service.

I’d encourage other folks to call in and request this feature be re-enabled.

Hi @DavidinCLT. The Ring web interface does support Live View. You can find the supported browsers along with more information in our Help Center Article on Live View here. IF Live View isn’t pulling up, you can find some basic troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Community Post here. It is also worth noting that you’ll want to make sure you have microphone permissions enabled for Ring if you’re using Chrome, as other neighbors have mentioned that Live View did not work for them until they enabled this in their Chrome settings.

Caitlyn, thank you the Chrome microphone permissions was the issue for me (and likely the same problem on other supported browsers which didn’t work either). It works, much appreciated.

I’d suggest getting the word out to the Ring phone reps who answer incoming calls - the one I spoke with did not know that this feature was supported via browser and didn’t find that in her knowledgebase when searching. I suspect once the PC Ring app stops working they will get a lot more calls on this subject.

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Anyone from Ring reading this? Your company hates its customers. Do NOT kill the desktop app.