View live feed from my desktop computer?

Is it possible to view the live feed of my security cameras from my desktop computer?

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I have the same question

Hey neighbors! If you’re able to download the Ring app for your computer (compatible for Windows and Mac on desktops), you should be able to view the Live View from your desktop. Once you have the app downloaded and you’re logged in, go into one of your devices and then select the Live View. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

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I tried this and it seems to be only past motion, not live with a delay!


Ring camera is turning out to be a lousy company. Their tech support is useless. Still waiting on them to answer questions. Useless, Useless, Useless. They really do not know what they are doing.

Hey neighbors. Please make sure you are downloading the Ring app for the Windows 10 PC or the iOS Ring app for the Mac. There is not a Live View capability on, and you will only be able to see past events on As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board where you can feel free to add in any suggestions or features you would like to see on either of these platforms! :slight_smile:

I dont think it happen

I realize this is an old thread, but if you do a search for “Live View on computer” this is what you find. So, a current update as of 4/27/21: Per my research and then confirmation via chat with Ring support, there is NO WAY to see Live View on a PC unless you had it all set up before they quit updating the Windows 10 app. (And I think it’s the same for Macs.) Even if you had it all set up and it works, you cannot add a new device (camera or doorbell). In my opinion, this is REALLY BAD. There are a lot of us who spend a lot of time on computers and would like to have this functionality!


WHAT??? If this is true, this makes my 7 Ring cameras absolutely WORTHLESS. I am not going to keep my yearly “Protection Plan” if this is true and won’t be ordering anymore Ring cameras.

Live view on Desktop needs to be added!!! Please!

IMO this is done on purpose to force us using Ring software and pay for subscription. Also, it seems that Ring cameras work differently than a regular standalone security camera, that they do not constantly stream video feed that you can view on a desktop PC. The camera initiates a connection to the server on motion or other internal event and then sends the clip to the server, which is then recorded on the server side. Then when you connect to the server with your app you can view the recording from the server. The live connection is probably established upon request but those are meant to be short and not continuous. So for the continuous live feed it would have to be a different product. BTW, the Windows 10 Ring app works pretty well and latency is OK, better that I get on my iPhone.

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