View is missing from motion alert pop up only snooze is shown

Hi, does anyone know how to get the “view” word to reappear on motion alerts? Only the word snooze appears. It was there a few days ago.


Recently when there is motion on my doorbell and I get the alert on my phone. The only option is to snooze it. It use to have a view option. How do I get the view button back?

Hey @tony0501. After checking with the appropriate teams, this View button was removed, as it was redundant for the user experience. You can “View” the event the same way you would if you clicked the View button, by tapping on the notification itself. We kept just the snooze button there, are you cannot snooze by tapping on the notification itself, but instead by tapping on the snooze button. Hope this helps clear that up for you, as we did this in a recent app update! :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that the ring motion notification just says snooze, but not view as it used to.

Why is this?

My user experience has decreased (a lot, like from a 9 to a 2.3) with the removal of the view button on notifications. Anywhere I touch on a notification only brings up the snooze options. Can we have the view button back, even if you or “the team” thinks its redundant?

Looking forward to a return of the view option in notifications to increase my user experience and decrease frustrations with notifications, as it went from 1 click to a swipe, swipe, click (wait), click, click (wait to load) to see what’s going on.