Videos won't play in the iOS ring app

When I click on a video, it says loading and never plays. I have deleted and reinstalled app and no improvement.

Excellent call on checking app connection, @stevedmoffitt! Video concerns can also be related to wifi or mobile device connection. The best first thing to check is your wifi signal strength, or RSSI, which can be found in the Device Health section of your Ring app. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength.

On your mobile device, try testing video on wifi only, and then on data only, to see if either connection is more efficient. Please also ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I have the same issue since a couple of days

Using the OS X app, no problem : i can perfectly see a recorded video of a person ringing or just passing in front. So it is not an issue of the ring doorbell pro to sent videos on the cloud

But since 2 days, I can’t see the (recorded) videos on my mobile (iphone 11 pro max). It keeps “downloading” & never start

I tested my internet connection : no issue (moreover : using same wifi with iphone as with mac application)

I re-installed the ios App : same issue

current ios version : 13.6

storage capacity : a lot is still available

probably an important info : running “live” video with ios : no issue at all.

So it’s like if the ios app wasn’t able anymore to download the videos from the Ring storage cloud.
I checked on my account : the iphone is present in the list of authorised devices

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Hey @eklipse! What is your Ring app version? As it looks like you’ve covered all of the necessary steps, please also close any other apps running in the background, as well as disabled other connections such as bluetooth, vpn, and hot spot. Although it should not differ with connection type, but test recorded video playback on wifi or mobile data only. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: