Videos watched back always faulty (iphone, android, ipad, windows pc)

Videos stored on our ring plan, and watched back on ANY device, and both in apps and in browser, without fail will start of just fine, but then the image freezes after an indeterminate period of time (sometimes almost immediately sometimes after a minute or so), while sound continues. Sometimes watching them back on another device gets a bit further, or hard-closing the app and restarting gets a bit more, but eventually it’ll always fail playback. With this variation for the same video on different devices or sessions, it seems the camera/doorbell itself isn’t the issue. Ring has a problem with its storage, or our account has an issue.

Anyone else have the same, before I have a bit of a whine to tech support?

(Video Doorbell Pro 2, using the mains adapter).

Hi @ximbc. Video playback freezing could be due to wifi connectivity concerns, either to the Ring device itself or to the mobile device. How many Ring devices do you have, and what does the RSSI look like on each? The RSSI is a measure of strength of the wifi connection that your Ring device is receiving. If possible, can you please also share an example video of this? That way I can have a better look and see what troubleshooting steps I can provide.

Hi Caitlyn,

I have a health reading of rssi-57, and wifi says a solid upload and download speed over 50mbps up and down.

I’ve provided some files in a dropbox folder for you to look at. I did this because trying to upload the clip onto youtube oddly sliced it down from over 2 mins, to just 9 seconds. Then when I uploaded the video file downloaded from Ring, only the first few seconds of it seemed to upload. So I’ve left that in there, and then also used the phone’s screen recorder to show what we’re seeing in the app, using the video player and also another using the ring app itself. Finally a third video within the app, on screen recorder, with a series of videos in sequence, mostly either cut short, or playing video for a while before freezing but audio continues behind. You’ll be able to identify what’s what based on file name and length of recording.

Thanks for your input so far.