Videos start pixelated and slow motion

Ring Stick Up Cam wired - videos start off pixelated and slow motion in the Ring app.

This lasts for a few seconds before normal speed and resolution is resumed. This only began a few days ago and is the same whether connected to Virgin 100mbps WiFi or 4G mobile data.

Any ideas?

We recommend power cycling the Cam as well as your router to ensure both are connecting efficiently. It’s always best to check with your Internet Service Provider when something changes abruptly in connection quality, as they can look into the network health for your home. Let us know if this improves anything :slight_smile:

Marley_Ring How do I power cycle the camera?

Can I just turn off the PoE injector that powers the camera (indoors) or do I have to hold in the orange button on the camera itself for 15-30 seconds (not easy when up a ladder)?



Hi Andy! You can certainly turn off the PoE injector to power cycle your device. Give it a try and let us know how it works. Thanks!