Videos Deleted Despite Requests to Have them Downloaded

On the very early morning on July 31st, I had a psychiatric episode in which I called the police because I was hearing voices outside my window from what I thought was my roommate and his friend threatening to rob me & do me harm. As a result of that morning, and the events that transpired the next day, I was placed on a 5150 hold. I couldn’t figure out from the app/desktop how to do a download of all videos from a specific date or set of dates. And, so I only downloaded one - where a man clearly enters my apartment & uses a stick or rake to beat my dogs and then exists, with his fists held high in the air, as if he’s Rocky and declaring victory. Because I couldn’t figure out how to download that specific time frame, I requested “all my personal data” which I assumed would include my recordings or access to them. And now I see that’s untrue. I had tried to call customer service which would not connect me with a live person and the chat is basically useless. Today, I realized I should download them individually before they’re all gone. AND … it’s now passed the 60 days.

The event that transpired that day was so traumatic I hung security cameras in the rest of my home. I refused to stay alone at home. Now, I fully admit that I was having a psychiatric episode, however, the videos prove several parts of my story that were NOT delusional. People entering through my doorway but not leaving through it (instead going out the patio, which is odd). People who told me “no one” was at my door when I asked them to leave, and yet, when I watch the videos, there they are looking through the windows, until I come out of my bedroom terrified and then leave. I also believed that the police were mocking me as they prepared to take me out on a gurney, and although I can’t make out what the officers say from the Ring cam video that day, they are clearly joking and laughing.

Because of this, I started using voice memo on my phone to record them. And by the time I was taken to the hospital, the police had it in their position until it went “missing.” And at least one of the recordings was deleted as far as I can tell.

This is a very long (insane) saga – but the more I look into the details, the more alarming the whole thing becomes. For example, why was I taken to the wrong hospital? Why wouldn’t anyone tell my mother where I was going? Why won’t they release my ambulance records? And how was I injured on the hospital ride despite being put in restraints?

CAN ANYONE AT RING PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME RETRIEVE THE VIDEOS FROM June 30th, 2023 through July 4, 2023. (The leasing office assure me I had my phone the whole time, meanwhile, I have them on video after I was released from the hospital BRINGING me my phone).

I have been so traumatized by this event that I had limited capacity to look into this and could not get ANY help from customer support.

Hi @user57049. Once a video has been deleted from the Ring app, it can no longer be recovered. There are no backups or copies stored on Ring’s end in order to protect your privacy. If you ever need to keep a video for a longer duration than the Video Storage Time, it is recommended to download it from the Ring app or from We have instructions on how to download your videos here.