Video Won't Play

Is anyone encountering intermittent video playback issues on a Ring device which is using E2EE encryption?

In other words, when you attempt to view certain videos, is the following error message displayed?
Hmm. Something went wrong.
There was an error while trying to play the video.

The problem began a few days ago and only occurs with certain videos.

It’s not a VPN issue. It’s also not an RSSI issue. (The RSSI is in the low 40’s or 30’s when the error occurs.)

I rebooted the router. I also rebooted the Ring hardware device (by using the Ring app “Reboot This Device” feature). The device with the Ring app is running the latest OS version as well as the latest Ring version.

Hi @Frustrated427. If you are using an iPad and see this error message there when trying to view recordings with E2EE enabled, rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve your issue as soon as possible. If this is occurring on other devices, like a smart phone, give our support team a call to have this investigated further.

Justin_Ring -

Yes, the device displaying the error message is an iPad with E2EE enabled.

I’m glad to hear that your team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible – as the problem is causing serious privacy/security issues.

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