Video viewing help

Hi, i used to be able to view my videos like the top half of the photo I attached , now I can’t view them like that anymore and can only see like the bottom half of the photo. Can anyone help me out to change it back? Thank you

Do you have Motion Alerts/ Motion Detection turned on for the camera?
Have you double checked the various settings for Motion and recoding for the camera?

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Hi, I have tried all the motion settings and it is still the same.

Does it show normally for you? Just want to check if they removed that feature or if it’s just a problem with mine.

My mistake. My doorbell camera is showing like yours without a time scale to select previous incidents. My other 2 cameras are showing the normal way. I clicked on the History button and was able to select a video that was recorded via my doorbell earlier today.
Could be they are having a server issue, though nothing shows up at Status

Mine has been like it a few days now, I really hope it’s not permanent :pensive:

Did your protect plan lapse? That would remove the option to view historical data and only provide live view

Edit - disregard, I think i misread your issue

Hey neighbors. This looks like the Event History Timeline. To enable this feature, check out this Help Center article here.

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Seems they’ve updated the app on this. So when you view a cam, if you press end live view, the the event history timeline reappears. Like others I much prefer to use this to scroll back through recordings rather than have to click on each individual event in event history. Not sure why they’ve changed it, makes it less user friendly than it was.