Video timeline

How do I change the view settings back to how they were before the update? I don’t like the new timeline thing at all. I can manage to get to it after clicking about a bit, but it doesn’t stay set like that.


100% agreed - we need to be able to disable this option. It’s terrible and takes up WAY too much screen size when trying to see what is going on live with that camera that picked up motion. I should _NOT _have to hit the maximize button - let the user choose in settings if they want it or not. :confounded:


Just spent 45min with ring agents only to find out what you stated. It’s a forced feature that I can’t disable. AND IT SHOULDN’T BE!!! My video used to go live in a split second when i click on my camera(s), now i have to wait while it “activates.” Totally annoying and unecessary Ring! Give us the option!


this “feature” totally sucks. Please restore the old UI