Video timeline recording

When we first got the 2nd generation video/doorbell it had a timeline where we could look scroll back by minutes/ hours different times of day. Now we just get video of motion alerts and cant look back or forward from the preset video length. What happened?

Hi @user48415. The Event History Timeline is still a feature that’s in place. Ring Doorbells and Cameras do not record continuously, so the Event History Timeline is made up of the different motion events, rings, or Live Views that occur throughout the day. If you’re subscribed to a Ring Protect plan, you’ll also have the option to enable Snapshot Capture to see snapshot images throughout the Event History Timeline as well.

In the Ring app, navigate to Devices > your Doorbell > Device Settings > Video Settings and check if Tap Camera Preview for Live View is toggled on or off. If this setting is toggled on, tapping the Camera Preview from the Ring app dashboard will automatically activate Live View rather than bring you to the Event History Timeline. Turning this setting off will do the opposite, so you see the Event Timeline first rather than the Live View. I hope this helps clear things up.