Video Showing Lines All of a Sudden

Just chiming in to say I’m having the exact same problem with the video feed at night. Wifi is strong, battery is charged, and daytime video is just fine. The issue appeared out of the blue earlier this year.

It definitely seems to be a software issue! @Ring are you aware of this and working on a fix?

Same issue. There seem to be a lot of people with the same problem. Mine is on a Ring 2. But other than the WIFI and reset there is no more info from Ring.
I have reset and have good signal. Personally it appears to be an issue with the night vision camera not the signals or power.

Came here to complain about the same problem.
I don’t want to pile on but I’ve not found a solution.
Great video during the day.
Night used to work great then the horizontal lines. It’s terrible. It will be completely white with bits off somewhat clarity.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to get fixed. I’m looking for options if anyone has any.

Also having the same problems mentioned here. Works fine daytime, but night mode has white horizontal lines throughout.

I suddenly began having this same issue with my Doorbell 2 about a month ago. Went through a whole crap-ton of troubleshooting with the folks on the Twitter page, and eventually they ran out of options and told me I had to call support. Just got off the phone with them, and they told me that this problem is apparently a known issue. They say they’re “working on it”, but this problem basically makes their product useless for me. Has anyone else heard any more information regarding this? To have a known issue of this magnitude for this long seems ridiculous to me. The best part of this is I have a Ring Assist Plus extended warranty that I paid extra for on this doorbell - Ring has told me I just need to “be patient and wait” - I suppose they’re waiting for my extended warranty to expire so they can tell me to go away. Anybody else have any ideas here?