Video ring 2 doorbell

My ring 2 doorbell has stopped working, ive reset router, checked my internet bandwidth n even done hard reset of ring doorbell but it wont let me connect it to ring wifi. Now when i go on my account my device has been removed ive tried to add it to it again but it keeps saying this account already has an owner, i know this because its me. Ive tried everything can anyone help me get my device added back on to my account. I’ve even tried to remove myself as owner but it wont even let me do that. HELP!!!

Hey @Busybee1. If you are unable to set up the Doorbell again, you will need to make sure you log back into the account that the Doorbell was originally set up under > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell > Device Settings > General Settings > Remove This Device. This will fully remove the device so you can set it up again! If you continue to run into this roadblock, please give our support team a call here.