Video recording local

I recieved a Ring video door bell with chime from my son for Christmas, I installed it myself and it wasnt a problem. It was fairly simple to get it up and running. Worked as it should. For thrity days anyway. Since then it quit recording without a subscription. I understand thqt if it were nessacary, but there is no reason that ot cant be made to save video locally ror atleast one hour. Atleast for basic use. As it is the doorbell os pretty much useless. I am retired and love on a set income so I have to manage my expenses well. Please fix this or someother company will and by that time your company may have a bad reputation because of it. It should be made clear at purchase that the product requires a subscription. Otherwise it comes across as a scam product. And thats a shame because otherwise it is a good product. I wont be subscribing and if I cant use basic service with this product I will simply uninstall it and go back to a normal doorbell and put up a porch camera that records local. Thanks for letting me comment.

Hi @user75361. Although a Ring Protect Plan subscription is not required, it does enhance the Ring user experience. Without a subscription, you can still Live View and receive push notifications to your Ring app.

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