video recording length

I noticed that the video recording length is fixed for security cameras, such stick up cam is about half minute and spotlight cam is about 1 minute. I expect the recording is continue till the motion ends, or the fixed length at least can be adjusted with a longer fixed length.

Because of such short recording, some activities are not recorded.

Can it be resolved with a software update?



This request has been brought to the team before and we appreciate your feedback! We’ll be sure to let the team know as well as keep you informed of any updates along the way :slight_smile:

I’ve watched a creeper walk into my yard and it stopped recording after 30 seconds and then cools down… kinda useless. Everyone on this forum has requested this feature but nothing has changed.


I’ve just installed the spotlight camera yesterday and this is annoying me already.

Leaving this morning, it picked me up fine getting in the car then before I pulled off the drive it stopped recording and didn’t actually record the motion of my car moving away.

Not great, hope this is fixed soon.


Hi @robcfc ! What do you have your Motion Frequency set to? Ring’s Motion Frequency algorithm is an internal program that runs inside of your Ring device. It analyzes the traffic patterns of detected motions, looking for repetitive patterns. When it detects such a pattern, it essentially “sleeps” your device for a certain period of time. The more time a repetitive pattern of motion continues, the longer the time between issuing motion alerts. Learn more on our Support page, here.

I have it set to Standard.

It only records 30 seconds worth of video, so really you can trigger the recording during the night when i’m asleep, wait 30 seconds for it to finish and then it won’t pick up again during the same movement.

I tested it with a notification and then going straight into Live view, and if I watched live view for 2 mins it recorded the whole 2 mins.

Are you saying if I switch it from standard then it will record more than 30 seconds when it detects motion and will record until the motion is stopped?


From my understanding and my own use of ring products what happens is that if you set the recording to frequent or the higher frequency recording it will start a new recording almost as soon as the last one stopped. In short you get almost the entire event it’s just broken up in to multiple 30 second clips. Sometimes I’ve noticed this leaves a couple seconds of gap in the recordings but it essentially gets you the entire event. If it’s a battery device it will warn you that this will drain your battery quicker. It would be much easier if they’d let us set it to continue recording until motion is no longer observed. Or in the alternative at least let us change the length of recordings.


As mentioned above, the motion frequency being set to frequent can certainly improve your experience in detecting as much of a lengthy event as possible, aside from answering the event notification of course. In the meantime, we have shared this feedback with the team and will keep the Community updated with any future features that might increase recording time.

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Bump on this issue. A close friend had a similar issue today…stranger walked up on their back porch, camera caught the non-malicious parts of his activity but caught nothing else because the video cutoff. I have Ring cameras at two different houses and this is an issue. At my lake house I caught video of some random kids playing basketball in our driveway (who we didn’t know). I didn’t care, but I should have caught the entire game on video. I get that Ring wants to cover themselves on storage costs/margins so they keep video lengths at a minimum, but I’ve gotta say that Nest’s continuous recording is starting to look more and more attractive to me. because of this type of stuff. If I can’t count on the Ring when I need it, it’s useless. And for a perpetrator to be caught on camera for 30 seconds but for me to miss the remainder is absolutely missing the entire point of having them in the first place…to catch them redhanded. Fix this or I’m installing Nest Cameras.


I would like to add my voice to those requesting a longer record of activity following the detection of motion. Thirty seconds is simply not long enough. Make the duration optional.


And here’s the news story of the recent burglaries. The only video is a short clip of this guy walking up the porch with nothing catching his departure. Fortunately the doors were locked and he moved in. 30 seconds is useless.


If they would at least maybe give you the option to change it to a minute it would really help. 30 seconds is just ridiculous especially if there is still activity happening why should it stop recording?


When we customers be in charge of the length of video recording?
A date is ideal so that I can consider other options if necessary.


This thread is fairly old and still no action or response by the Ring team. We had an event two weeks ago where a perpetrator broke into a bunch of cars in our neighborhood and tried to get into ours but it was locked. As usual the Nest only caught 30 seconds with terrible video quality. Further the perpetrator wasn’t remotely concerned by the terrible motion light that came on the camera (attempted to share the video and laughingly even this website won’t let you post videos from your Ring cameras). The result is a useless video that wasn’t remotely helpful to the police or us. We couldn’t get a view of where he went after because the video sucked and it cut off at 30 seconds (which is absolutely ridiculous).

Thus I have decided to move to Nest Cam Outdoor IQ cameras. I’ve installed some now and love them relative to the Ring cameras. They have continuous recording and the interface is super smooth. The quality is absolutely amazing and while they require normal 110 power, any electrician can make that a very easy outcome. Further it has facial recognition with alerting for people it doesn’t recognize. In addition it can distinguish people from motion of trees, etc (neither of which Ring has).

Honestly I wouldn’t have even considered it had Ring shown any interest in responding. But now that I have I encourage you to as well.


I just purchased a Ring doorbell 2 for Christmas as did my entire extended family. We all are having the issue of only 30sec recordings. WHY has this not changed or been addressed since it’s release? Stop saying “I’ll bring this to the team” when you obviously know more than what you’re telling us? It’s not data or saving battery life. I don’t mind having to charge my battery sooner if it means I can catch what someone is doing while I’m away or asleep for the full recording!!! CHANGE THIS.


We had the same issue today with a delivery. When he ringed the door bell the recording started. This also triggered the two other cameras. The delivery person then entered the backyard which was not on camera as teh 30 sec has passed, I would l only see when he was leaving again. Poor product, if this does not get solved from Ring I will change out all my Ring products. How do we get a reply from a Ring representative? Is there a support or phone that we can call? Clearly this forum is not working.


Change the Motion Frequency setting to “Frequent” - this will cause a series of videos to be generated if the motion keeps going after 30s (there is no delay between motion events)

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Sorry I’ve had it at “frequent” since I began the effort to figure out how to fix this issue. It did nothing to resolve the fact that video stops after 30 seconds even when motion continues. Frankly we shouldn’t have to search this hard for a feature that says “when motion is detected, record for 4 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, etc”. I’ve already begun the process of switching to Nest Outdoor Cam IQs and if you are worried about being able to capture full events from start to finish I’d suggest you do too.


Hey neighbors! As mentioned previously in this thread, motion frequency is a great place to start if you are wanting to see more consistent recordings. Motion frequency is a setting meant for high traffic areas, which neighbors can set to standard or light to avoid too many alerts and preserve battery life. Setting this to frequent will, of course, allow motion to capture more frequently

Keep in mind, our powered devices record for up to 60 seconds while our battery powered devices record for up to 30 seconds by default. We are always working to add settings or features in your Ring app, with the snapshot capture feature being our newest addition. When combined with recordings, the snapshot feature can really add to the coverage seen in your timeline.

We are always sharing our neighbors’ requests with our teams here, and we value your feedback very much.

Sorry Ring but I don’t call this an “accepted solution”. I get that you are trying to preserve battery life but that is MY choice, not yours. I also get that your products have no onboard storage so record length has a huge impact on your servers. I also realize that by design Ring is a doorbell - not a security camera. But the popularity of your brand makes it very misleading on what people are really buying. I have $40 chineses cameras that have a continuous loop or per-event option. In the per-event mode they record as long as there is motion (or whatever trigger I’m using).

I hope your development team have a product roadmap to move this from an alert monitor into a true security camera. Oveall you have some great devices. Don’t loose your market by falling beind in what your consumers want. You say you listen to your “neighbors” - well WE ARE SPEAKING and what you should be hearing is fix it our we’re moving out of the neigborhood.