Video recording length 6 MONTHS LATER- FRUSTRATED

I have a video doorbell wired. Under video settings, I selected the length of recording to be 120 seconds. Anytime there has been motion detected, the doorbell camera records video for exactly 120 seconds. Back in May 2023, this has changed and now it only records motion for random periods of time and will stop recording as soon as motion stops. I believe this has to do with Ring rolling out a new option to allow the cameras to record for an “automatic” period of time…so it will record until it detects no more motion. However Ring tells me that this isnt an option for the video doorbell wired. When I go into settings, this does not show as an option, however it always stops recording after motion stops. I have gone into my settings and made sure it is still showing 120 seconds for recording length, however, the doorbell still does not adhere to this selection - it continues to only record until motion stops. Can anyone help me to fix this please? The last time I posted this question, the Ring support team said to contact customer support. However when I call customer support they are not at all helpful. So am I left to pay for a product that has a clear defect or is someone going to help me. At any other company when something cant be resolved by customer service, it would get escalated to someone more senior who can help, so can this be escalated to a senior specialist or should I just throw up my hands and switch to another company who have customer service reps who can resolve issues?

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I am also struggling with the same problem. Wired doorbell camera starts, then stops anywhere from 20-30 seconds later even after selecting 120 seconds record time and with motion still occurring. And if the motion continues, the camera never restarts until whatever is moving is out of view. Then it requires another motion event to activate again. This results in a lot of missing video that could be important.

For wired devices, we need it to either submit to the time duration we select or persistent recording up to the limit with any motion occurring. Neither applies right now and that is a deal breaker for me if it continues. Definitely something that needs to be fixed since it is a core functionality problem and specific to this device type without any user-side options to fix.

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Hi @user44266. The time duration you select for the Video Recording Length should apply to any unanswered events. For example, if someone rings your Doorbell and you do not answer, this is where the Video Recording Length should apply. Try changing your Video Recording Length to a different option, then ring your Doorbell and do not answer the notification. Then check how long the recording is on the Event History tab.

Checked as suggested with ringing the doorbell, the recording time was 2:10 or 130 seconds (+10 over I guess).

Which would be great if that were the problem. But the issue involves activating a recording upon motion detection, not ringing the doorbell. Motion detection can often be a much more critical form of recording than just ringing the doorbell. Apparently, a certain setting can be changed with wireless devices that enables the full selected timeframe of 120 seconds to apply for recording upon motion detection, but the same is not true for wired devices for some reason. I’d like to figure out how to apply the 120 seconds for motion detection for my wired device in the same way it apparently works for wireless devices.

I had this same issue with my Video Doorbell Pro 2 for a while. I have 9 cameras total all set to record for 2 minutes, but only had this issue with my VDBPro2 and oddly, only on Saturday mornings. Most often it self-resolved, however, this is what ‘fixed’ mine when it didn’t self-resolve:

Change your recording time in the app to Auto then save it and go back one screen. Then go back in and set it back to the time length you want. Then reboot your doorbell via the Ring app. This (at least temporarily) fixed mine every time.

My Pro2 hasn’t had the problem for a few weeks now without me really doing anything to fix it.

@5150Joel - Unfortunately, our devices do not have an ‘Auto’ setting for recording time, only numerical values that do not work with nor apply for motion detection. And the problem never self-corrects and occurs consistently. So we either need a way to set the actual minimum record time any time the doorbell starts to record for any reason, or a way to continue recording for any motion up to the selected duration.

______________________________ Update: November 27th, 2023__________________________

It’s been nearly a month and this functionality is still lacking (videos keep getting clipped to 20-30 seconds when there is still active motion going on).

Could we at least receive a reply from someone at Ring that this is being looked into or provided an acknowledgement that this capability was removed and will never be restored in the future so we can go ahead and plan on cancelling our subscriptions and migrate over to a competitor’s product with more capable recording features? Thank you.

I am so frustrated that my motion detection videos are only 20 seconds in length, even though I set 120sec in the video settings. I also want the full 120sec after motion is detected. Disappointing that Ring doesn’t listen to its customers.

it’s crazy that no one from ring has responded since their first response 1mo after OP. They gave a suggestion, yet fail to reply when told the suggestion didn’t work?

I just got a ring. after comparing all other video doorbells i decided to go with the front runner anyway. I was on this community due to not being sent the safety screws and tiny level. curiosity caused me to look through other posts. seems Ring has tons of issues and awful customer support. Highly contemplating returning it in favor of competitors…

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