video recording duration


I can’t adjust the recording time on the battery spotlight cam, i do it in the settings , the camera accepts it but nothing changes once it detetcts movement, it records a very short clip, less than 30 seconds. If someone knows how to fix this i’d really appreciate it! Could it be hardware?

Hi there, @Arjulaad! It sounds like you are using the Advanced Motion detection. Your Video Recording Length adjustment most likely saved as intended, but videos may still be shortened to avoid any false or unnecessary motions. Motion Verification makes Motion Detection more accurate because it reduces unwanted motion notifications and trims recordings before they end. For example, if there is a Motion Event, like a person walking in front of a camera, your camera might keep recording even after the person is out of range of the camera and nothing is happening.

The updated motion detection feature that gives you the ability to create customizable motion zones has the Motion Verification feature include into it. So you now have Motion Verification with Customizable Motion zones. These features were combined to give you a more precise motion detection experience on your battery devices. This is also why you will not see Motion Verification as a separate feature in your app. Feel free to check out our help center article for more information about these motion detection options. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello, Thanks for replying, yes we were using ‘‘advanced motion detection’’ , switched back to regular and we are now able to select how long the cam records after it detects motion and we prefer it like that. In the ‘‘advanced’’ mode it stops recording while there is still motion/activity…

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Hello, i have a question, i disabled advanced motion detection, if i turn it back on how does it manage video recording duration? Will the cam keep recording as long there is motion?


Good question, @Arjulaad. I’ll be happy to clarify further on this. When using the Advanced Motion Detection that motion verification feature is built in, as you know. While motion verification will trim videos, or stop recording when motion ends, it should also be detecting when continuous recording is necessary. So while some videos might be shorter than your set recording length, other videos which contain constant movement or activity should record for the full duration of your desired recording length. Of course, answering any event live will also result in longer recordings for as long as you view them up to 10 minutes. :slight_smile: