Video recording buffer

I had a Ring stick up wired cam previously which had issues with black screen during playback which was replaced (gratefully) by Ring.

The new cam seems to record differently.

Previously, I’d view playback of, eg: a walker passing by and the playback would begin just before they appear in view, record for the whole time they were in view - even if they stopped - and continue recording until they passed just out of view.

However, now - whether it be a person, cyclist, car, whatever - the video playback starts when the subject is already in view, sometimes stops recording while the subject is still in view (for example if it/they are stationary), and finishes playback before the subject has gone completely out of view.

I feel as though I’m missing a great deal of potentially valuable video.

Has anyone else noticed this and possibly know what’s going on?
Thanks in advance

I’m having this same issue. I have 9 cameras, 4 are second Gen Stickup cams running on poe. The Stickup cams are the ones giving me this issue.

Sorry it’s the same for you, but I’m glad it’s not just happening to me. My initial thought was that Ring are saving a bit of data space but surely this isn’t the case with Amazon’s ‘infinite’ resources.
We can’t be the only ones I’m sure.

i had stick cam battery for 3 days now i have the same issue. no buffer at begining or end. if thats the norm thats very different from other cams. mabey im missing a setting.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for this information. If you can, could you please share a video example of this with us? Also, please let us know when you noticed this started to happen. We’ve had recent features come out, such as the Snapshot Capture. Did you notice this starting to happen around that? Additionally, you can try turning off new features like Snapshot Capture off, and see if the pre-roll comes back. In the meantime, we have sent this information to the appropriate team for further review. Thanks for your patience and hope to hear back soon! :smiley_cat:

i have battery stick up gen 2so no snapshot option. im talking about the actual recording of motion no slighty before or after motion starts and stops. i am retired cop and all our cams had a buffer on recording. i think the other post mean the same. thanks

correction meant i have gen 3 stick up cam

I’m still having this issue. It’s sporadic across all 9 of my cameras.

Please ring, when will this be fixed?