Video Quality Issues Despite of Strong RSSI

Hello all! I just purchased a stick up cam (wired) and have a problem with the video quality: although the RSSI is pretty strong (-54 to -55), sometimes the videos are either choppy (but still sharp) or a bit pixelated (but not choppy). Most of the time the video quality is excellent though.

It’s interesting that the video quality is never changing during the recording or the playback of an event. That is, the video quality per event is always consistent. Some events have worse quality, some have better.

Also, the issue seems to also affect photos it takes automatically when movement is being detected: some of the photos are perfectly sharp, others are pixelated.

Any idea what this could be? I was thinking of a cloud problem or so. The Wifi connection is very stable and the router is close to the cam.

I have the same issue on both my stick up cams (battery). The videos are fine for a while then a stutter like when the cam is trying to refocus. Both Cams are in the RSSI -54 / -58 range, literally 3 meters away from the router.

I have called the support. They asked me to reset the device and then try again. Did this while the support representative was on the phone. After setting it up again, the video and photo quality was permanently and heavily pixelated. According to the support, my device must be faulty and they asked me to get a replacement. I have ordered a new one now and will then let you know if it works better.

The camera has been replaced. The new one had this issue only once during the course of several days. So it seems to be much better.
It’s interesting that the RSSI varies between -51 and -62 now. The Wifi AP is very close and there is only one relatively thin brick wall between. When I put my iPhone next to the camera and run a speed test, the result is approx. 70 Mbit download and upload, which is a very good speed for a 2.4 Ghz Wifi connection. Also, the current RSSI strength that is measured by the camera does not seem to have an impact on video quality. Even if it is at -62, the video is crisp and sharp, and live video starts in less than a second.

I believe the occasional video resolution issues are either a firmware bug or a cloud problem, especially since they occur per recorded clip (and do not change during a clip), and because they’re also affecting the regular photos the camera takes every minute.

When I download the videos and look into their specifications, the pixelated videos’ bit rate is approx. 600 kBit. The sharp videos have 2 Mbit.

Just want give a quick update here: the new camera works much better. Video quality issues happened only once for a single recording, then never again. Also, the new camera does a much better job in detecting “human movements”.