Video Pro not able to set up

Bought video pro for new house. Installed NICOR PRCP1 digital doorbell that says compatible with Ring. I get 20vac at door where install to occur. When attached to wires, the doorbell begins ringing about every 45 - 60 seconds. I have a solid white light about three fourths around pushbutton. 9-12 quadrant dark. I tired hard reset and every other suggestion. Do I need to connect the power pack supplied with doorbell? I thought the digital doorbell eliminated the requirement for the powerpack. Never have been able to get a wifi signal or a flashing indicator light, but plenty of frustrating rings while reading install instruction repeatedly.

Hi @jmkuyk! Just to be sure about compatibility, please reference your chime’s model number while checking our Chime Compatibility List for the Ring Pro. Nevertheless, the power at your Doorbell Pro sounds sufficient for setup. Please allow some time for the Pro to power up and be ready for setup, after connecting it to the wires.

The Pro Power Kit does indeed need to be installed whether using a mechanical or digital chime kit. There will be in option in your Ring app to select your chime kit type, once you’ve completed setup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: