Video pro kit

I received a video doorbell pro with plug in adaptor, but i don’t want to use the plug as i don’t want to trail wiring up the wall as i think it looks untidy.
I want to power it from my existing doorbell that is not compatible so i have ordered rings own transformer and intend to install it in their enclosure box.
My question is…if i am powering it direct from the ring transformer instead of the plug in adaptor, do i need to install the ‘pro power kit’ as there is no mechanical chime (have ring plug in type) or will it be okay without it as it is rings own purpose built transformer?

Many thanks…longwinded question to a simple answer i hope!

The pro power kit is not needed with the black ring transformer. It is required with the older grey transformer or any other 3rd party transformer.

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Thank you Groundhog.