Video Preview Issues

Hi on the morning of 07/14/2023 I noticed the following behaviors in different browsers in regard to viewing recorded videos on the website for my battery powered cameras. My porch hardwired camera seems to operate the same.
FireFox: Message about not being able to play the video and to use HVEC.
Edge: Black video that plays.
Chrome: Seems to work normal.

Can you guys change whatever you changed on the website? And I don’t want some dev to tell me everyone uses Chrome now because they used to say that about FireFox when it was the favored browser of developers.

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See (also) topic : Event history not loading videos on the website but …

GimmieAUserNameAlready -

If I use Firefox, I am NOT able to perform the following tasks for my (wired) Ring devices:

  • Use the Live View feature
  • View existing videos

Interestingly, no HEVC error message was displayed.