Video playback covered by solid black progression bar, missing what's detected. 75% Transparency

At the bottom of all videos, there is a solid black palyback progression bar. It needs to be mostly transparent so you can see what is under it. We miss the critters we are trying to track, and by time the progression bar disappears, the critter is out of the video.

Thank you for sharing this with the Community, @GoBananas! As I tried to reproduce this on IOS, I was unable to get the progress bar to show over my video unless I went through the Event History section, in which that progress bar is gray/ transparent and disappears upon tapping on the center of the screen.

Based on the picture example shared, it looks like this is happening to you on an Android phone. Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app, as well as checking screen resolution settings to see if this improves the view. If this persists, please let us know what Ring device model(s) this occurs on, and if this via Event History, or Timeline View, or both.

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On Android phone app, and emulator BlueStacks.

Removed and re-installed, problem persists unchanged.

Event History.

Solid progression bar and covers approximately the 20% bottom portion of the screen/video.


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Thank you for confirming these details! I will certainly pass this feedback along to our teams here. :slight_smile:

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Any ETA on a resolve to this problematic “feature”?

This (attached image) is what it looks like in the Android app, blocking the bottom of the video.

This (attached image) is what it looks like in the web interface, not blocking the bottom portion of the video.