Video Play Back

I have recently renewed my subscription for my ring door bell but I need the footage from the evening before my renewal. Is this even possible? I was meant to get around to it and forgot all about it but an incident that occurred has prompted me to remember and get it renewed.

Hi there, @Phil79! If your Protect Plan subscription was not active during the time of the event, or had lapsed since, there will not be a recording available to obtain. At Ring, we value both your security and your privacy. For this reason, we respect your choice to save event recordings, or not to, based on your account subscription status. Anytime a subscription lapses, is cancelled, etc., the videos are deleted with the subscription and are not saved on the account while subscription is not active. Keep in mind that Protect Plan subscriptions have a time period of 60 days where videos are automatically deleted, as described in the article linked above.

While this won’t help to retrieve prior videos, starring videos or downloading videos externally to your mobile device, is the best way to keep important events in the future. :slight_smile: