Video not uploading properly

I have had a ring spotlight cam since Nov 2018 and it has worked flawlessly. I was using an older router and recently upgraded to a newer, better router and it has worked just as well for several months.

Recently I have found that my video uploads start out with a black screen and after seconds jump to the video but it pauses the actual motion and then jumps ahead. I also experience this with live view as well. Also, I keep the night vision in non-color mode but the alerts start in non-color and then jump to color.

I spent about two hours with ring tech yesterday and after several resets and failed attempts to connect with their network with the cam they determined that the upload speed is close to acceptable not not where they like to see it. There was no answer available for the color change. I did insist that there has never been an upload issue and that my router is inside the home about 10 feet away from the cam outside the window that is near the router.

I spoke to another ring owner and he stated that he is having the same issues and that they started after a recent software update. He had no issues before the update.

My question is: has anyone else experienced these issues either before or after the update? I cannot see that my cable internet has suddenly failed but I did put in a call for service.

Any response is appreciated.

Hi @Bone12, what is the RSSI for this Spotlight Cam and the upload speed near where the device is installed? Note: if it is installed outside your home, please close any doors near where the device is installed. This is so it will show the same speeds the device experiences normally. Thank you!



The router is on the same level as the camera about 14 feet away and the router is elevated off the lower floor area towards the ceiling and clear all around.

Thank you for confirming that information @Bone12 . The upload speed is sufficient, however, it’s also low enough that a natural fluctuation of Wifi at anytime could cause insufficient speeds. It sounds like both the initial black frame and color at night are both in reference to lens adjustment upon start up. Resetting the Cam, by holding down the setup button for 15 seconds, might assist in resolving these concerns.

If it does not, we recommend checking with our support team as they’ll be able to take a much closer look.

Thank you. The reset was performed but the issue is sporadic. I am aware that the upload speed may change and will watch on that premise.

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I would like to request a feature that would solve some of the video issues - including the “black/blank” videos discussed in this thread.

It would be great if you provided a slot for memory in each of your cameras to store video locally so that if the internet is down for whatever reason, the video is stored locally then uploaded after the internet is back up at some defined level to insure the “quality” of the video is maintained to view later.

I live up in the mountains east of Seattle where there are several ski resorts. I have 6 cameras installed at my “off-grid” cabin in the woods on 9 acres of land and use a hotspot to connect to a cell tower for internet service via ATT wireless. I also have a backup Verizon hotspot. I get great bandwidth with my hotspots except during ski season on weekends where the cell towers are flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of skier’s phone data traffic. There are several ski resorts near my location. During this time, usually between the hours of 10am and 5pm, when someone trespasses on my property, I don’t have a video to record the event. Often under low bandwidth condtions, I get the dreaded “black” video.

Again, having video store locally would solve this problem as a backup solution when the internet is slow or down altogether for whatever reason. It would be great if the product team would consider this.


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Yes, Ring needs to solve this. It’s interesting to now know that even customers with excellent internet are having these problems. I thought they only occureed with lower speed internet.