Video not recording

Having the same problem for small animals and also seeing certain images just disappear before recording finishes.

Well, here’s a snapshot viewing from my front door (using Ring video cam). The view is not obstructed. And in regard to heat-sensing, vehicle heat out on the street would have to travel a much longer way than a live person ‘right at the door’. Plus, you will notice the metal ramp that leads from door to sidewalk (prior to reaching the street). I would imagine any change in heat (plus/minus) reflecting from this ramp would activate the heat sensing Ring device. Idk, this unfortunate problem seems to defeat my purpose and reason for purchasing the ‘Ring Video Peephole Doorbell’. If I had been made aware of this issue I would have purchased one of the other Ring Video products that are used outside the door. Anyway, it is a good product but requires a bit of tweaking to be really practical (also, owners should be able to record their videos LOCALLY without purchasing a plan for storage-another issue altogether).

I ve have same issue. racoon caught on trail camera and ring lights clearly coming on and off but no recording…what is their number?

Have the same problem

For any neighbors who notice their camera’s lights triggering without a video recording to follow, this can often be resolved by adjusting your settings. Ring cameras that come lights attached will be able to detect motion for recording, and motion to trigger lights. These can be adjusted individually in the app under Motion Settings and under Light Settings. As an example, here is our Help Center article with steps to follow for the Spotlight Cam Wired’s Light Settings.

Fine tuning these and your normal Motion Settings will help with accuracy in detection. If you are noticing your lights are too sensitive or triggering too often, please check the area for any movement or ventilation / HVAC that might be moving or blowing air and steam. In addition to Motion Settings, adjusting your camera’s angle can help too.

If you have concerns regarding your video recording in general, please visit on a web browser, log in to your Ring account, and select Protect Plans, to view your subscription coverage status.