Video not recording

Our Ring Wired Spotlight Camera appears to be working fine - connected to WiFi, can see live view on App and we can control the camera and light via the App. However when the camera is triggered (lights come on) no video is being recorded, and nothing shows in event history. We are on Basic annual subscription plan which is paid up. We’ve tried powering off and on but still doesn’t work. Help !!! Any suggestions ?


As long as the Ring Protect Plan is up to date on the owners account, you are logged in as the owner, and your Cam is setup using the proper plan location, your application should show the recording history.

We recommend you try uninstalling then reinstalling the Ring application and complete a new setup of the Cam in question. If these steps do not resolve your concerns, it would be best to contact our support for a more in depth look.

I am having the same issue for the last 6 days. It won’t record or notify when there’s something moved within the range. I can only view LIVE. The cloud still record live, but can’t detect any motion.


I am having the EXACT same Issue with the Stick-Up Cam I just installed: Everything seems to be working on it, including Live View, but it WON’T RECORD VIDEO.

Has anybody found a good Resolution for this?


Mine hasn’t been fixed yet. I have 9 cams from Ring and only 1 of them is having this problem. I have removed and installed my flood light multiple times and even hard reset. The problem is still here. I would contact Ring customer service representative for help, but in the past, I have had so many bad experiences with custmer service department. I will just wait it out. If thing doesn’t get any better with Ring, I will just switch to @rlo cams.


Hi neighbors! Great to see you all sharing your experiences with one another in the Community. It is important to us that you have the best experience with your devices.

With the various details shared about each of your experiences related to this concern, though they are similar in nature, it does sound slightly different given the different devices involved. Most often when Live View works, but videos are not being logged for motion events, it can be due to settings in the app for that device.

Since everyone’s devices are in their own unique location with settings tailored to their environment, we would suggest calling our support team. They would really appreciate the chance to dig a little deeper and help get things running smoothly. @Boring we hope you will give our awesome team members a chance to help get things sorted, as our neighbors safety and happiness is our top priority!

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@Marley_Ring persuaded me to call the CRS. The problem was the firmware. For some reason, motion alert was turned off on Ring HQ but on the APP was shown as ON. Ring sent my cam new firmware and everything is back to normal.

Thanks, Marley!!!


Glad to hear your peace of mind has been restored and everything is fully operational. Thank you for reaching out to us, and support, as we are always happy to assist!

My Video is now recording, too: In my case, I had hidden the Camera inside a China Cabinet in our dining room that has glass panes in it (so the Camera could see outward)… Well apparently the Lens didn’t like it because as soon as I took it out and just set it on the table, to test, it started recording Motion just like it’s supposed to.

The odd thing is that Live View worked fine when it was in the cabinet, but not Recording…

But I’m good now.

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Hi GSKERN, Liveview would work as you are initiating the recording. But for motion triggered recording there needs to be an event. If it was a battery model it is relying on IR to determine if there is a motion and with such a cam behind glass it was not able to detect any motion.

“Ring products “see” the world through a network of three linked passive infrared (PIR) sensors. These are heat sensors that detect motion by monitoring heat within the detection area. Since people are hotter than the surrounding areas, as a person enters the detection area, the heat measurements change. The motion sensors register this change as movement and send out an alert.”


I’m having the same problem with a ring doorbell 2. I have 7 other cameras that all work fine but for the last month or more no motion activated recordings. I have checked all the settings. I have changed all the settings and it still doesn’t work. I’m not sure when this started doing it but it’s probably been a month or more and I hadn’t noticed as there are so many other events and this door isn’t used much if at all. I really don’t have time to sit on the phone with a CSR to fix it. I really wish WE the user could see the firmware version and initiate a update or roll it back. Or they would actually do something from a email description of the problem. I like ring but it really doesn’t let you get under the hood at all. I wish there was some sort of software based reset in the app that would reset the camera or in the alternative at least reboot the camera.

I hope yours is fixed and still working.

I’m having the same problem with a ring doorbell 2. I have turned all motion settings on and off and still no motion activated recordings. Live video records fine. No idea how long it’s been this way as there are so many other events from other cameras that I didn’t notice till recently this camera wasn’t working correctly. It appears to be fine on the surface with a perfect clean bill of health. You all need to let us initiate firmware updates or roll them back. You could bury it under advanced or something but it would be nice to be able to get under the hood even a little and not have to rely on a CSR to do much of everything diagnostic. Or in the alternative we could email and ask to have something done that we cannot do ourselves.

Thank you

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Hey @Socrates99! This sounds like it might be best brought up with our support team. Keep in mind you can call them at 800-656-1918, or chat with support at There is also email support available at if this better suits you :slight_smile:

I have kind of similar problem. I have a flood cam which most of the time alerts and records a video but sometime it doesn’t with same exact event like driving the same car to garage at the same time of night. Even the light goes off but nothing recorded or alerted.

Hi, my plug in cam stopped recording although i saw the live video and the up to date screen shots in the app . Just no recordings for today. I turned off the record motion tab for that camera. Waited 5 minutes and turned in back on. That fixed the problem.

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Hello I can’t go to live view most the time. What’s going on. Every time we tiered it’s either low battery or no

Hi. I just got a Ring video doorbell camera. Went thru all the setup settings and at first everything was working well. I tested the thing myself: opened the door; walked in front of the dood(bell); can see the cars passing by out at the street. However today when the mail carrier delivered my mail (up the walkway to the mailbox right beside the Ring doorbell), there was no alarm, no video (recorded)… Afterward, I watched the video from the exact moment. All I saw was my walkway, a passing car and the noise the mail carrier made putting mail in my box. I know the thing works so why not when someone walks up the walkway? I even opened my door afterward and walked outside partway down the walk and back and video was fine! What gives? I’m not sure if a support person can actually fix this!

Update to previous post:

Well, I think the problem may be my screen door: it has glass on inside of door and screen on outer side.
So, I tested my theory (after reading certain reviews on this subject). I left my home closing both front door and screen door. Waited about 5 minutes and then walked up my walkway, opened the screen door then opened the front door (needless to say I entered the house closing both doors). Then I checked the video recording. It did not show me walking up the walkway, although it did record street traffic- confusing). And only showed (partially) when I opened my screen door, front door and went inside.
This is rather peculiar, wouldn’t you say? Capturing car motion at the street but not capturing me walking the sidewalk, opening my gate then walking up the walkway. This , I believe is a flaw, which jeopardizes the security aspect. Only if/when the screen door is opened will it record: meaning anyone could walk up to my front door (without opening the screen) and steal anything left by FedEx, UPS, or any other delivery left at my door. It would be way too inconvenient to have to remove my screen door just to get video recording (from a security standpoint). I may have to seek other solutions for protection and security of this nature.
So, if anyone has any solutions or suggestions I haven’t mentioned, ple@se let me know.
(It seems my .mp4 video is not the correct format for an attachment)

Hi @Skulivan! Our Video Doorbells and Camera devices are designed to be mounted with an unobstructed view. As our camera enabled devices have many features such as light sensors, lens adjustment, and motion detection, these functions will work best with a clear view and it’s maximum field of view.

With your door closed it will have a hard time picking up things beyond the screen. As your Doorbell’s motion detection will look for heat signatures, a running vehicle may have the possibility of triggering, where as a human sized object might have be tough to capture through a screen. For entry ways that are enclosed or screened, if the Doorbell cannot be mounted beyond the enclosure, we recommend adding one of our Cameras to monitor beyond the entry way. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Well, it kinda does answer ‘part’ of my problem. However (see attachment pic), my mail carrier, again came today, dropped off mail and then left. The pic shows the mail carrier ‘leaving’ my property at the front gate and nothing more: not walking up the walkway/ramp or back down. Is there an explanation? Also, you can see the street and my neighbor’s walkway which the camera picks up motion in these two places… But not my walkway/ramp to my door.

I’m really hoping to get this resolved. Do I broaden the sensitivity area or lessen it? How can a heat signature be detected outside my immediate area and NOT my immediate area? I’d hate to have to remove the screen door or even purchase the Pro version which connects to my existing doorbell and I would have to drill holes in the brick wall.