Video mounts

Is the mount for the first generation video doorbell compatible with the newer models?

I have a 1st generation video doorbell, the mount for which is bolted into brickwork. I’m looking to upgrade to a newer model with the rechargeable quick release battery pack. For these newer models, do I need to install a new mount or can I use the exisiting mount?

Hey @STudj. Whenever you purchase a new Doorbell to upgrade from an old to a new one, they will come with an Adapter Plate that lets you put that over the old one to make the new mount usable for the new Doorbell. Do you know which Doorbell you will be upgrading to? The Adapter Plate is normally only for the generation right before, so I can help you find where to get the additional Adapter Plate if you plan to upgrade 2 steps up (Doorbell to Doorbell 3 for example). :slight_smile:

Brilliant. Thanks Chelsea. That’s very helpful.

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