Video monitor option?

We have been using a Ring wireless doorbell installed next to an old-fashioned wired in system that feeds to a wall monitor in the house. The picture is murky black and white and it’s impossible to angle the camera to get a good picture of who is at the door.

I would like to get rid of it but my wife is attached to it because the picture is instantaneous whereas there is often a lag getting the wi-fi feed from the Ring doorbell camera…

I could simply update it to a better version of course. But I wondered if there was theoretically a way of connecting our existing Ring doorbell directly - not wirelessly - to an internal monitor using the existing wiring and still keep all the wireless functions that I like.

Does Ring do hard-wired monitor connections? Or am I forever fated to have two doorbells? :smiley: I’ve been married too long to get a divorce.

@sippog Short answer is no, there isn’t a wired monitor. The closest you will get is an Echo show which can be set to bring up an image right away when the doorbell is pressed. Its wireless though but should meet your needs.

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