Video missing from neighborhood posts

I am no longer able to see any images on the Android app of neighborhood posts. I have reinstalled the app to no avail. I see either black screen for videos or a white screen for stills. The posts are readable just fine, but no images.

I am having the same issue, and am hoping to find an answer to get it working again.

Hi neighbors! Is this happening on every post? There are certainly times when a neighbor might post just an image, or they have a poor wifi connection so their videos are not playing, or of the best quality. Removing and reinstalling the app was a great step to take. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is on every new post, for the last month.

Hi neighbors! Interesting… Can you please confirm what App (Ring or Neighbors) and App version and device you are using? I actually just answered a similar post in the Community, but it was on an iPhone. Also, confirming, is this on all photos and videos or just photos? Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, on the ring app. I have a Moto G7 Android. Unsure on app version, but I deleted it and reinstalled, so it is up to date. It is all videos and pictures.

Hey @MomtoBIDLEG. Chiming in for Jennifer and Marley here! Could you capture a screen recording of you viewing your Neighborhood in the Neighbor’s section, showing these blank videos and pictures? This would be very valuable information to pass onto our teams to get this looked into further.

Here are some screen shots. First videos, then pics.

Another screenshot of the video. Just black.

This is where a picture should be, it is just a blank white part.

Another screenshot of a different post with a picture, that I can’t see

@MomtoBIDLEG Thank you so much for those screenshots! Are you able to turn off your wifi and then load your nearby incidents successfully? What OS is your Android phone running? Also, did you notice this concern previously as well, or this has just started happening for you?

I can’t turn off my wifi and have it load, as I don’t have data on my phone. So, without wifi, it wouldn’t work either.

It has now been happening for about 6 weeks. I figured it would get better, and never made a post. I went to start a post, when I posted my first comment, and found someone else with the same issue, and no repsonses to their request, so I added mine, to bump up their question. Not sure if they got theirs fixed, as they haven’t responded again.

@MomtoBIDLEG Totally understand, and I’m glad you have come along now! From your screenshots, it seems like the wifi connection may not be strong enough to fully load the videos for you, but since you have been having this concern for awhile, it may be something more. What OS is your Android phone running? Are you able to download the Neighbors app and see if you can load the events from there?

I think what Ring would like to know is what phone are you using, and what the operating platform is. Go to about phone to see if you have the latest operating system and what number is 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. Also, delete Ring from your phone, turn phone off, and a turn off Wifi for 1 minute. Turn on Wifi, turn on the phone, reload Ring. Now does the problem still exist? Can you go to a friend’s house and try their Wifi? Take a screenshot of software information and status but if it lists your phone number use a photo app to blot it out. Attach the screenshots to your post for the Ring community. I hope this helps you to resolve the issue.

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As I said before, I am on a MOTO G7, Android version 9. I have tried to delete the app, reset my phone, wifi, ect, already. I have also tried to load it on my mother in law’s wifi, as well as my mother’s wifi, and still have the same issues. It is a republic Wireless phone.

I will try to delete/ restart/ turn off wifi/ ect again, and hope for the best.

Okay, I did that, turned off the phone, wifi, and deleted the app. Turned the phone back on, wifi on, downloaded the app, and re-logged in. Still nothing.

I do not know why my videos and still photos started working again. It was two days after I had restarted the Wifi and reinstalled the Ring app. Both your carrier and your phone are very good. I will let the technicians at Ring work out this problem since this is all the help that I can provide. Best of luck to you.

Thanks! Glad yours started to work.

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@NSchlaak Thank you for your recommendations here, and I am glad this is resolved for you personally.

@MomtoBIDLEG Thank you for confirming the information and giving it another try, my apologizes that this is still not working for you. Could you download the Neighbors app (separate from the Ring app) and tell me if the pictures and videos load from here?