Video management storage time

I am unfortunately facing 2 problems which I would love your support. I was trying to retrieve a video of an event (which I think it was unlawful) that happened sometime between 22-28th of July.
On the 27th of Aug I contacted ring to try understand if ring could help me retrieve the videos. I was told that my account had a storage setting of 30 days and if the videos would be gone from my history no one can retrieve it.
I took the answer with sadness as I hoped that the video could be in some recycle bin or retrievable moment as it would have been just a few days.

yet, at the time, I could still see videos from the 28th of July. So I have changed my account settings to store up to 180 days.
Today I found that the event could have happened on the 28th of July, so I went back to ring history just to find that the video history only goes as far as 31st of July, meaning that even after the change of the storage time, I can only store 30 days.

As just an add-on, i was surprise that even favorite videos dont “stick” to the timeline and if they are outside the storage time they would be gone… which i kind of understand the logic, if I really thing systematic.

So my questions.

  1. Is the expected behavior that I even if I have the setting for “video storage time” set to 180 days, that I can only see last 30 days?
  2. Any way that the support personnel could be not aware of a process that could help me and retrieve the only videos as a one off exercise?

Thank you so much for your time to read my post!

Hi @Larbakium. Just like @SolarEclipse said, the change you made to the storage time for your recorded videos does not apply retroactively. Thew new storage time you have set will apply to anything recorded after that change was made. Once a video has been deleted either by you or automatically due to the time, it cannot be retrieved. Our support team cannot access any deleted videos as there is no backup saved anywhere as that would be a privacy concern for our neighbors. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: