Video management | 180 days storage time

No matter how many representatives I speak to from Ring, they all tell me that I can only access 60 days of footage for all of my security cameras. However, when I log into the app, I go to menu, control center, video management, and then video storage time, I can see that my video storage time is set to 180 days (see screenshots below). So, why is Ring telling me that I can only access 60 days, but my settings are set up for 180 days?

Don’t you know, I now need footage from back in June and no one from Ring has been able to help me acquire that footage. It seems that Ring has the ability to access the video, but are not willing to help. Is anyone else experiencing this, or does my situation just happen to be an anomaly? Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Tdecker. There may be some confusion because the 180 day storage period was not a permanent addition to Ring. If you had this feature before its termination, you are “grandfathered in”. As far as tracking down the video you are looking for, have you tried looking on Our support team is not able to access videos freely and may have been why they were unable to assist. Let me know if you are able to find your videos when you sign into