Video link without download option

Is there a way to get a link to a recording that has no download option, for sharing with others?

I notice that those published to the Neighbors site have no download option, but those from my Ring app have a download option.

Just to clarify, are you looking to share your own video, or are you wanting to share another neighbors video from the neighbors app? Let us know- we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Looking to share videos from my RingPro.

The only link I get always has a download option.

Prefer an option for a link with no download option.

Hey @Natey ! If you visit your event history list of recordings and select to “share” a recording, once you select the method at which you would like to share, it should present you with a web URL to share. Are you saying this Share URL is redirecting to a download prompt? It should show the video when entered into a web browser address bar. Hope this helps!

The web url Ring generates (with lots of numbers in it) allows one to download the video locally.

While that is good for the originator of the video, it is not necessarily a good idea to share that link because it gives everyone the ability to download that video locally.

Compare the link generated by the Ring app, versus the link that is in the Neighbors app.

The latter doesn’t have as many numeric digits in the URL and doesn’t allow one to download the video locally, which is what I would like.

How do I get that kind of download link without uploading the video to Neighbors?

As an example of what I mean, take a look at this Ring Community posting: Link Posting in Community

Open it in Chrome.
The first link about the Rat will offer you an option to download the video.
The 2nd link about the Bobcat will not.

Thank you for such a precise breakdown of what you are looking for. We will be sending this to the team right away and will certainly keep you informed of any updates regarding this. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions, concerns or feedback!