Video Issue

I have the Ring app on my phone and computer. When it has detected a person I can’t view the video right away but when it detects motion such as a car driving by I can view it right away. It happens in realtime.

It is interesting the camera doesn’t pick up the movement of the person at the street or driveway until the person has either left and walking away or the person has gone inside the house.

By the time the camera detects the person they have either left or no longer there. So, when I go to replay the video it is too late to see in “realtime” who was at my door.

I understand there is some variables at play here. It could be a setting or a Wifi issue.

The purpose of having a video doorbell is to see who is coming to my door or pulling up in front of my house. I want to visually see the person getting out of the car and walking up to my front door and I want to see the person leave. Also, if the person is talking as well. I don’t want to just hear the sounds.

Hi @facecardss20. What is the RSSI of your Doorbell? This can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Ideally, a RSSI of -50 or better is what we are striving for. This will give you optimal performance. This, in addition to your Motion Settings, should cause your Doorbell to respond to Live View much better. I hope this information helps!

Hello there Tom,
Can we drill down a little deeper into your response ?

I have a nice fiber connection, a netgear extender and your 2020 version of the doorbell. It is ‘working’ at the moment but it kind of fades in and out.

So my router is dedicated to this ring doorbell. I have assigned static ips to a) my phone b) the extender and c) the doorbell. My routers status page lists the devices with static ips and their status. The phone and extender always are online. The doorbell goes offline 15 seconds after I close down the live view. Once it is offline it takes maybe 5 seconds (sometimes forever) for the video to come online. If I close the video and reopen within the 15 seconds the video pops right up.

The key is right in front of our noses. The live view actually says “Activating Device”. The ring app is trying to awaken the doorbell.

So my question to you (and more importantly to your engineers) is - how do we keep the doorbell online ?

Btw - I can’t explain it but my RSSI gained -5 after I assigned static ips (absolutely no other changes).

Edit : A simple ping of the static ip address of the doorbell is (cometimes) enough to bring the doorbell online (and improves the live view performance). The response timing of the ping are rather revealing. Sometimes that doorbell is very very sleepy.

Hey @charlies. For in-depth technical questions for our engineers, it would be best to contact our support team directly. With this being a neighbor to neighbor support forum and not a direct line to support, specific questions with specific environmental factors can be best analyzed by our support team by opening a support ticket. After you’ve contacted support, feel free to come back to the Community to share your findings!

Yes Tom - I did exactly that.

Here’s a suggestion for you and the other _ring personnel who frequent this forum. When you start responding, start from the top of the queue rather than the bottom. When you start responding to posts 2 or 3 days old you might often be wasting your time and ‘burying’ more important recent posts. Just my 2 cents…

Charlies, respectfully, please create a separate ticket regarding your own issues. I don’t want to discuss anything unrelated to my issue. Thanks.

Tom- My RSSI is -40 which is a good connection. I understand it could be better but overall I don’t typically have many issues. I am not able to move the router closer to the Doorbell.

Hi @facecardss20. Thanks for reporting back. An RSSI of -40 is a great wifi strength. If this is still a concern, I would suggest reaching out to our support team for further guidance. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I continue to have the same issue and no resolution .

I get the “person detected” notification in real time but I don’t see anyone there. Usually, I have to go back and rewind the tape to see who it was.

A few months ago, I had the same issue and no resolution . A few months later, I STILL have the same issue.

I get the “person detected” notification in real time but I don’t see anyone there. I have to go to the Ring App to replay the video to see who was at my door.

I get the purpose of having a Ring doorbell but what is the point of having it if I can’t see who is coming and going in REALTIME.