Video gobbling up data even if you are not on a protect plan

I have a remote camp where I need to use a cellular hot spot due to no wireless suppliers in the area. I do not have a protect plan so I expected that there would be no video streaming except when in live mode. I did leave motion detect on so I would get a text notification if there was motion. A cobweb started to float in front of my cam, and to my shock, over the course of 2 days it consumed 40 gig of cellular data. I am not on a protect plan so why is ring streaming/recording all this video that I can not even see? It does not need to stream video to detect motion right? It gobbled up all my cellular data in just 2 days? Does ring save video even if you are not on a protect plan? Where is it stated that ring streams data outside of live mode to the cloud even if you opt out of the protect plan?