Video gets scrambled

Hi all,

I am seeing a weird problem where some particular recorded video (triggered by motion) from the hardwired video doorbell gets scrambled for a few seconds, sometimes the frame gets frozen or goes black. And on top of that, the video from a hardwired floodlight camera (situated nearby) also showed the same scrambling effect at the same exact time. Things are working fine at other times.
I confirmed that the recordings did get corrupted at that specific time by downloading the videos on my phone, just to rule out any streaming issue due to wifi.

Just to recap, video data from two totally different cameras got corrupted for a few seconds at the same exact time of the day and then went back to normal. And this issue happened before. However, there is no consistent network issue. Wifi strength from the Ring app looks good. I have a security camera from another vendor which was recording fine during the same time.

Looking for answers, to how this can happen. I am assuming wifi could affect the streaming of the video during playback but not the actual recording. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Once upon a time I had a light sensor that would kick off my DSL connection every evening when it turned on, so somehow it caused radio interference.
So, reason for my long story, maybe something similar is happening to you since it happens about the same time every day. Some piece of poorly shielded equipment that clicks on at that time. Either yours, maybe a neighbors. Could be just about anything.

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