Video Freezes

I do not recall my doorbell video freezing but my three other ring cameras freeze. I also purchased something from Ring that would extend the Wi-Fi connection or something. Sometimes there is just a dark screen.

Had the same issue for some time. Video freezes, sound is recording. It’s not just temporary freeze. Once it’s frozen it stays like that until the end of the clip - usually happens after 5-10 seconds of the recording.
It makes ring useless !
Signal strength at around -62rsi
Good router about 3m behind a house wall.

If you’re thinking of buying ring, don’t !

Hi @stw713. I would look at this Community post about RSSI. A RSSI of -62 is definitely the reason you are experiencing video quality issues. To improve your RSSI, I would recommend getting a Chime Pro to help extend your wifi signal. I’m sure with this, you will notice a great improvement in your video!

I have a Chime Pro WiFi Extender and I still experience these issues. It has gotten worse recently, it wasn’t this bad when I first bought the doorbell (Ring 3 Doorbell) 2 months ago. I am having similar issues to everyone in this forum. Recording starts and then freezes for 5-10 Seconds. I’ve found the RSSI to be very inconsistent. Right now it’s at 42, but it’s been the 60s before as well. Why would this issue start all of a sudden when I’ve had the Chime Pro since the beginning and it was working fine?

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I’m having the same issue since day 1. I worked with tech support and they were telling me it was my wifi signal (which is strong). Tried to sell me an extender saying “it might work.” “Might” isn’t good enough to buy something I can’t return. Tried a couple of wifi extenders from Amazon. Zero improvement so I returned them. Ring has a problem and won’t admit it!

Same issue here. Have the latest Ring 3 Plus and this happens for recorded videos as well as for live view. Got lots of errors connecting to the live stream as well and sometimes have to try 2-3 times to get it working. Wifi works fine for every other device, router is about 10-15 feet away from the doorbell and have a strong internet. This is definitely annoying and I was surprised and disappointed in the same time to see it was first reported a year ago and not fixed.

My video was fine up until six days ago now two different devices connect to the same Wifi with no problems are both experiencing the same video freeze. What is going on Ring? The Wifi strength is fine… I reset the devices, I reinstalled my app… why would two different devices have the same problem with frozen video??? One is closer to the Wifi than the other yet the both freeze… audio can be heard during the whole recording.

I’m experiencing the same issue, video freezes after about 10 seconds and there is a delay in notification. Have had this Ring for a few years without issue until around December 26th, it started freezing up and have tried everything, no avail.

I have this problem with a 2nd Generation (2020 Release) Video Doorbell. I am an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT), 30 years of experience in the business and I am also a journeyman electrician and an electrical contractor. I am furious with Ring.

I have spent five weeks of my life trying to get Ring Doorbells to work with our routers and wireless access points in our home. Everything on our network is exactly the way it is supposed to be — believe me, I know my stuff. For no reason whatsoever at random times and sometimes for a whole day and sometimes for maybe only 10 minutes, the video on our doorbell freezes for the first couple of seconds and then starts up again. It is absolutely useless, people “teleport” in our videos. They appear and then freeze and then two seconds later, they are 20 feet away which is totally useless for trying to identify somebody. The audio is horrible as well. There is a totally annoying “whoosh” of audio at the start of each video we view in the event history. Almost like a “bang” of some sort, a distortion for the first 1/30th of a second. There is no rhyme nor reason, no pattern to it whatsoever.

Ring sent me out TWO replacement 2nd Generation (2020 Release) Video Doorbells and the second one was worse than the first. I spent hours with Ring on the phone and they finally sent me out a Video Doorbell 3 Plus which ends up with black and white video at night and a pre-roll feature which is useless because it is so blurred on the top and bottom. It is worthless.

One of the technicians who I spoke with at Ring (who happened to be very knowledgable) told me that there was a defect in ALL of the 2nd Generation (2020 Release) Video Doorbells.

What is the true answer here? I do not like the Video Doorbell 3 Plus at all, it cost $299 to buy brand new here in Canada and it is an absolute waste of money. What on earth do I have to do to get my 2nd Generation (2020 Release) Video Doorbell (that gives us color video at night) to work? Do I have to send it back to Ring and get a third one sent out to me?

Honestly, I am really questioning the quality of Ring products at this point. Firmware? Every time I do a hard reset on this unit (and I have probably done at least 20 to 30 hard resets), the unit updates the firmware. How do Ring firmware updates work? Firmware on Apple computer products stays embedded in the product, the firmware does not revert back to its original state after a hard reset is performed. But it appears to me as though Ring products do not work this way when it comes to firmware. It would be nice if Ring would at least let us know which firmware version we’re using instead of indicating “Up to Date” (not helpful in the least).

It is important to note that Live View works perfectly every time. There are no issues with video whatsoever when Live Video is initiated. the problem ONLY happens when motion is detected and recording starts. This leads me to believe that there DEFINITELY is a hardware defect in all of these 2nd Generation (2020 Release) Video Doorbell units. I have an RSSI of -39. Our network works perfectly, it is a high-speed network.