Video freezes during playback, sound continues

Hi all,

Installed a Ring Pro on Saturday - it went well, live video works fine, can communicate well with somebody pressing the button (in tests anyway).

Sunday we hosted a BBQ & the notifications worked well enought to know my guests were arriving while I was in the back yard.

Monday morning I’m noticing playing back videos, intermittantly they’ll “freeze”. Theres still sound, the scrub bar moves, but the video locks & then jumps ahead.

Signal strength is -75, firmware reports to be the latest. Doesn’t seem to matter if I view videos from the iOS app, or using windows & the web page.

What am I missing?


Hey @DVS , hope the BBQ was awesome! Your signal strenght (RSSI) definitely sticks out as a possible culprit for the video quality you are experiencing. Check out our article about RSSI, and how you can improve signal communication for your ‘Ring of security’.