Video Footage Miasing

For the last few months I have not recieved some notifications of motion, for example today amazon dropped off a package, no motion detected and no footage of them coming to the door or leaving, just packages mysteriously appearing. This happens often, or it will show me footage of the person walking away but not walking up to the door. Therefore I cant see the persons face.

Hey @AlnMyr. This concern sounds like it may be related to the positioning of the Doorbell or the Motion Zones. To clarify, which model of Doorbell do you have? If you don’t mind, can you please share a screenshot of the Motion Zones you have set in the Ring App? I’d be happy to look and make some recommendations that may help! :slight_smile:

Attached is my motion zone settings

@AlnMyr Thank you for attaching that screenshot! It looks like you might have a Video Doorbell 2, is that correct? I’d highly recommend checking out this Help Center Article on proper positioning here. You may also want to look into the Wedge and Corner Kits we have available under our Doorbell Accessories here, as they can help you angle your Doorbell away from the wall on the right and more towards your walkway. This should improve the accuracy of the motion detection for you.