Video Doorbell2 motion alerts

I am not sure if this one has been asked and answered. I searched and could not find any, so thought I would ask.

My Ring Doorbell2 give me motion alerts every now and then. However, there is no one or nothing in its proximaty. I do have some plants and their leaf flaps when we have wind. Does that trigger a motion sensor because of that? If yes, is there a way to fix that?

Please kindly advise.

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Good question @ssruindia! Our Video Doorbell 2 utilizes an adjustable motion detection which detects movement based off heat signatures. Check out our Community post about how our Doorbells detect motion, for a visual on what the range and field of view looks like.

While plants and trees should not often be detected, depending on the outside ambient temperature and the environment, they can trigger motion. Vehicles, heater/ dryer vents, and other sources of heat may also trigger the motion detection based on sensitivity settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So I’ve had this problem with the Ring doorbell 1 & was advised to upgrade to the Ring pro because it usually heat sensors instead of just IR. Let me just tell you I’m having the same problem!!! My door is 30’ from my street & the headlights & shadows on my lawn triggers the sensors. I can’t believe I spent even more $ only to call customer service back & have him tell me that ”that’s going to still happen because of how close I am to the road. BUT, updates are coming to the software so MAYBE it might help with that.” I wish I went with another company!!!