Video doorbell2 Live View "Not Working" Samsung Galaxy S10

I’m not certain that my phone is the issue, but it seems to be. The “Live View” and “Live Answer” function isn’t working on my phone. My wife has an iPhone and it works fine for her, which leads me to believe that it may have to do specifically with my phone, and Samsungs latest OS Update, which I received a couple of days ago. Anyone else with this issue? Any resolutions?


I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and you’re right, I started seeing this problem as well starting last week after the update to Android 10.

However, the trigger for me is a bluetooth device connected (my samsung smartwatch) that is capable of making calls. If I turn off that device live view works fine. There’s clearly a bug in the ring app code that is attempting to “spin” trying to make a call and fails somewhere related to the device (my smartwatch). This was evidenced in the event logs when the app freezes and provides an option to submit a bug report.

Also Rapid Ring works fine as well.

Hopefully someone from the ring dev team looks at this and fixes the bug which renders ring useless.


The same here…


Awesome! Thanks for your reply! I’m getting the same thing as well. Let’s hope Ring does see this and fixes it!

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Same here every since the update…my wifes iPhone works fine also…can only be the update

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Same here! Very annoying. I doubt ring will do something as it’s clearly Samsung’s update. They will just blame each other!

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FYI a friend of mine has a pixel 3 or 4 and has a Samsung smart watch and suffers the same problem

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Add me to the problem list. Galaxy S10, Samsung smart watch and no live view. Works on my iPad and wife’s iPhone. After reading this thread disconnected from watch and live view is back. Reconnect to watch, no live view on phone. So glad to learn is a known problem. Hopefully there will be a solution other than disconnecting from my watch.

Same. Placed a report with both ring and Samsung

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Same issue. 10+ and Samsung watch.

Same for me on a note 10+. After update to Android 10 it hangs when I try to view video.


Same with the Active 2 watch.

Same problem for me. After my Android update if Bluetooth is turned on I can’t see my live view. Sloppy programming…

Update: I can use the Rapid Ring app to view the live feed with Bluetooth on. At least it’s a work around.

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Same problem here, tried to update the ring app, reboot the phone, reboot ring, still no liveview on the ring doorbell pro and ring camera. Sucks.

I found on another thread that Ring has a new app called ‘Rapid Ring’ which does work on my Note 10+ with Android 10. The original app still does not work.

That one also fails for me.

Contacted Samsung again. They refuse to acknowledge the problem. They want to do a evaluation on my phone before replacing it. I told them I already tried this on another S10+ and it did the same thing along with everyone else having the same problem. I told them it’s their software update that caused the problem. They still refuse to acknowledge it!

Same here, no live view, S10 + Samsung Gear S3 watch after updating phone OS to Android 10 today. Turn the watch off works fine. Ring rapid works with the watch on though.

Glad someone figured out the link between the watch and the ring app, I would have never made the connection!

I wonder what it would be take to have someone from the Ring to take a look at this thread and respond if they are aware of the bug and are already looking at it or not.

Same, turn off BT and works fine, turn BT back on and it hangs. Excellent testing by Ring…not!