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Ring transformer only has VDC VOLTAGE. Video doorbell 3 days it requires VAC.
HAVE SPENT $600 in Ring Cameras in one purchase. WE NEED HELP.

Hi @d7492e50473f2a7a4e5b. The Ring Hardwired Transformer has a power output of 16V AC at 30VA. The Video Doorbell 3 is a battery powered Doorbell that can be hardwired to an existing doorbell circuit to help keep the battery topped off. You can find instructions on how to hardwire your Video Doorbell 3 to an existing doorbell circuit here. I hope this helps.

You answer does not solve the problem.
We bought the Ring Plug In Adapter because there is no way to hardwire it.
The adapter is not putting out any VAC. The adapter is only putting out 24 VDC. I CHECKED IT WITH TWO DIFFERENT VOLTMETERS. FOR VAC IT MEASURES APPROX 7 volts then it slowly goes to almost zero VAC. My sister spent $600 on ring Doorbell & floodlight cams. I have to go back to Arizona in 2 days & we need help.
Please help ASAP.

Hi @d7492e50473f2a7a4e5b. The Ring Transformer and the Ring Plug-In Adapter Gen 2 are two different accessories. Both can be used to power your Ring Video Doorbell 3. If you have the Plug-In Adapter Gen 2, you can follow the instructions that came with the device to hardwired it. This YouTube Video here also shows you how to use it. Even though the Video highlights a Ring Pro, the steps are the same for a Video Doorbell 3. I hope this helps.

Tom. We have the Ring plug in adapter. Since it was listed as an accessory for the Video Doorbell 3. I will triple check the installation instructions as you read question and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you

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Hi @d7492e50473f2a7a4e5b. Great to hear you have the Plug-In Adapter Gen 2. This is compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell 3, so rest assured, this will provide and adequate trickle charge to your battery.

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