Video doorbell won’t run off mains


I installed my video doorbell yesterday and hooked it up to the existing doorbell wires as per the instructions. However, it says in the device health it is running off battery and not receiving mains power which also means my existing bell doesn’t ring when the button is pressed.
I’ve double checked the wires are secured okay. Does anyone have any ideas? Do I need the power kit to install in my existing bell?

Hi @Chris_moss18. If you have the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, the Pro Power Kit is required for all installations. Please follow our Ring Help Center Article here with how to setup the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with the Pro Power Kit to ensure that it is setup properly!


Thank you for your reply. I do not have the doorbell pro, I have the basic version that costs £89. Does this also require the pro power kit?


@Chris_moss18 Good, good! If you have the Ring Video Doorbell and not the Pro, then no need to install the Pro Power Kit, that is only for the Pro. Can you un-do an re-do the wires, and then see if it shows as hardwired in the Ring app? Hardwiring the Ring Video Doorbell will give you a 10% trickle charge a day at maximum if there is less than 10 events, so please note this about the charging power. If you still do not see it being hardwired in the Ring app, please reach out to our support team here.