Video Doorbell Wired setup fails to get past request to turn Wi-Fi Assistant Off ;o(

Cannot complete setup, stuck in a loop ;o(

Video Doorbell Wired and Android phone. During setup phone connects to doorbell, then asks to select Wi-Fi network, then asks for Wi-Fi Assstant to be turned off. Thing is, Wi-Fi Assistant is already off.

Have tried: turn Wi-Fi Off then On on phone, turn Wi-Fi Assistant On then Off on phone, Uninstall app and restart phone then reinstall app. Nothing works to get past the apps request to turn off Wi-Fi Assistant. ;o(

Hi @sniktaw. In addition to turning off your Wi-Fi assistant, also turn off bluetooth. Also turn off any VPN that might be active on your phone. Verify that your phone is running on the latest OS as well. If possible, try the setup from a tablet or another phone. Let me know if this helps!