Video Doorbell Will Not Connect to Hardwire

I have a Video Doorbell 2020 Release. It’s been battery operated, where we have been charging it. We disconnected our home doorbell today to hardwire the Ring, and no luck! When we put the wires together, the chime goes off in the house and the voltage is in range. However, when we hook it up to the Ring, the Device App will not switch to hardwire after resetting! This is very frustrating. We even tested both of our 2020 Ring Video Doorbells. We tried loosening the screws, updating the app, updating the Rings, and nothing.

Hi there, @NeonBrandy! You’ve covered some great steps here. The best way to ensure a charge is being applied is to monitor the battery level over time while fine tuning usage. It’s important to ensure the usage of resources does not make a charge ineffective.

Although you’ve checked most of these factors, here is a checklist about hardwiring battery powered Video Doorbells. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: