Video Doorbell unexplainably started listening to outside sounds

Anyone have this happen, why? Someone came to door but didn’t push doorbell. They started talking and their voice started coming through our cell phone app. We didn’t initiate the audio/sound, the doorbell was not pushed, and the video doorbell sound is turned off in the app. Actually hadn’t even pulled the app up yet because we didnt realize anyone was by the door. Don’t remember hearing the chime… thanks

Hi @rvmorkie! During a standard event, or motion video recording, the Doorbell will record both audio and video at your door. Two way audio, however, would need to be initiated from the live event view in the Ring app. If you feel this video did not initiate correctly, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, and ensure VPN and bluetooth are disabled.

Feel free to let us know how this goes, we are here to help! :slight_smile: